Welcome to our website.

Nurmela.org is a place to connect with Denis Nurmela and his family. Pictured above is the entire family: Cindy and I, 6 children, 2 son-in-laws (one not pictured) and 3 grandchildren (one not pictured).

The Nurmela Name

The Nurmela name is a rare family name that originates in Finland. Alexander Nurmela, My great grandfather moved to the United States from Finland and married Sofi Nurmela. I've been able to trace back the family to about 1686 and found that the family comes from the Viipuri, Sakkijarvi area of Finland. From my research communicating with many Nurmelas in Finland it appears there are 3 distinct Nurmela clans from 3 different areas of Finland. Perhaps one day we will be able to go further back on the family line and find some connections. There is a view-only link to the Nurmela family tree on the right hand side of this website. If you are family and would like to have access to input more relatives on the tree and see more detailed information, please Email me and I will invite you to have access to the full family tree website.